Elder care when you need it for $15/hour

Get your family the best college-educated caregivers. Enjoy easy booking in under 2 minutes. Save money with no contracts or fees.

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The CareYaya joygiver was so sweet, and kept my wife engaged the whole time!

H.G.Duke Professor

I recommend CareYaya for my patients looking for a new and improved approach to elder care.

A.K.Neurology Provider

There have been lots of tears over the last few months... Thank you so much for helping me out, we were really in a bind. ❤

Lauren B.Satisfied Customer
Revolutionizing care together

CareYaya is democratizing access to high-quality elder care by eliminating fees, markups and paywalls. Unbeatable cost and convenience are made possible through collaborations with research universities UNC and Duke, and a community of college-educated caregivers to bring you the care you deserve.



Better caregivers

College-educated caregivers come to your home to care for your loved one and treat them like family.



Book when you want

Schedule, book and pay online; get an opportunity to provide feedback through detailed reviews.



Tailored to your preferences

Browse caregivers using state-of-the-art algorithms to find the perfect match for your loved one's needs.



No subscriptions or fees

All of this is delivered at affordable hourly rates that are 46% lower than the industry average!

CareYaya means constant innovation


Free insights delivered weekly through our blog and video channels, with detailed tips on healthy aging and caregiving.


Delivering the best in technology to improve the quality of life for seniors through AI, big data and Virtual Reality.

Premier support

Constant addition of care offerings, including appointment photos, activity monitoring, RoboPet companions, and more.


CareYaya will consistently deliver the most innovative care experience that you have encountered.

What can CareYaya do for you?

Build trust

Find high-quality, experienced caregivers for your loved one through CareYaya’s innovative care management platform. You'll learn about their backgrounds, training and experience, watch brief video interviews, check credentials, background checks, and various other features.

Secure Convenience

As you select one or more to build out your CareTeam, you can easily book care appointments, pay online and communicate easily with the caregivers through our portal.

Save money and time.

Find personalized, quality care for your loved ones at the convenience of your fingertips.

Sky high savings through technology


Pay less for care

Unlike most senior care agencies, CareYaya runs our business mostly over the internet. That means we have very low costs and can pass on the savings to you. That means a cost of care 46% lower than what traditional in-home care options offer!

Get more value

Book care at the hours and days you need help, conveniently chosen by you. Don't worry about communicating logistics to your caregivers, or sending them reminders. CareYaya has it handled!

Happier caregivers provide better care

Isn't it obvious?

Better pay

Caregivers earn more through CareYaya – typically 32% higher than they would at other in home care work.

Backed by research

Ample research in aging care and gerontology tell us what common sense already suggests: happier caregivers provide better care.

Low-cost by design

Our care management platform allows caregivers to earn what you pay them, and cuts out the large middleman fees charged by most providers.

Better education

By recruiting caregivers from local colleges, CareYaya upholds a standard of quality that gives you confidence in your care.

A caregiver reading to a loved one.

CareYaya for your everyday needs

It’s time for a new way forward in elder care.

Care services follow the same old model established decades ago, with little attention to innovation and quality improvement. Care providers focus their resources on competitive marketing, instead of improving care quality.

CareYaya – Experience The Future of Care!

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