Is your older adult an animal lover? Caring for an animal can provide them with companionship, stress-relief, and a sense of purpose. Even so, they could reach a point where they are no longer able to look after them. We have listed a few things for you to consider for your loved one before adopting a pet:

  1. Does the person have the mental capacity to understand the level of commitment that comes with owning a pet?
  2. Cats and dogs (especially dogs) require daily attention. Are they or someone they interact with daily able to take care of the pet?
  3. Not all rescue centers or pet shops are willing to sell to people with dementia because they may be unsure if your older adult can properly care for the pet.
  4. Not everyone likes animals! Consider individual and cultural differences in the acceptance of animals.
  5. A robotic pet or doll may be a better and less time-consuming alternative if they bring the same calming effects.