No, that's not what we meant!!!

CareYaya has a motto for both our family caregivers and professional caregivers when dealing with stressful situations:

“Let’s get FAT: Flexible, Adaptable, Trainable!”

When things went sideways–as things inevitably do at some point–we remind each other to stay FAT!”.

Getting and staying FAT for elderly care partners has three parts that might look something like this:

  • Be flexible. Let it ride when things don’t go how you think they will (or think they should).

  • Be adaptable. Because you’re flexible, you’re open to figuring out what doesn’t work with your person. There’s no arguing, just adaptability to what is.

  • Be trainable. If you’re flexible and adaptable, that almost certainly means you’re willing to learn. You’re trainable and open to better, more effective ways of managing often tricky situations.

Getting FAT gives you some space to figure out what you want your elderly care partner experience to look and feel like. Keep in mind there are at least two of you who’ll be living it!

Staying FAT acknowledges that aging and dementia have multiple stages with nuances within each. Once you have your arms around one thing, something else pops up that requires figuring out. That's just life.

With CareYaya, getting and staying FAT allows you to navigate it all with dignity & grace!