Here at CareYaya, we strive to provide the best care that your loved one deserves so they can age gracefully and with dignity. This includes thoughtful consideration of your preferences for your loved one so we can appropriately match our caregivers. Once they meet, it is still ultimately up to you and your loved one if you would like to stick with them. You are looking for someone who gets along great with your loved one, as well as the people in your loved one’s closest sphere. Here are some personal qualities to consider in a potential care provider:

  1. Personality - The most obvious factor is whether the care provider and your loved one have compatible personalities. Do they like each other?
  2. Hobbies and interests - This is not as important as the first, since it’s not likely that your loved one will have everything in common with the caregiver. It does, however, help to have a couple things to bond over so they have talking points or shared activities.
  3. Handling difficult situations - Think back to a time that you had trouble providing help for your loved one. How would the caregiver handle that scenario? Either observe or ask them, and you will learn about their ability to adjust on the spot.
  4. Transportation - If the caregiver is expected to provide transportation for your loved one, it may be helpful to check their driving records.
  5. References - Follow up with the caregiver’s listed references so you can hear about their competence, compassion, and bedside manner!