In the spirit of maintaining the Physical dimension of well being, we recommend chair yoga for your loved one! The benefits of being seated are that even non-flexible seniors can safely perform these exercises. Yoga overall has health benefits like stretching painful muscles, reducing stress, and improving circulation. Here is a link to a 30 minute gentle chair yoga for seniors that’s free to watch on Youtube. Feel free to do it with them!

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Your older adult’s safety and comfort are still the top priority. If they cannot do a movement, do not push them to do it lest they injure themselves. None of these movements should be painful. Remember that they can still have a great workout if they have limited range of motion.
  2. The chair for your older adult should allow their feet to touch the ground.
  3. Do it alongside your loved one so that they can watch your movements! You will also get the health benefits, even if the movements seem simple.